1. I currently have a gym membership. Can you train me at my gym?

We train all our clients at our fully air conditioned Fitness Studio in Wallace Avenue.  While Carolyn is registered to train out of Saltwater Coast gym as a resident's guest, a travel fee may apply if this option is considered.

2. What qualifications do you hold?

All our Trainers hold Certificate III Gym Instructor, Certificate IV Personal Trainer, Fitness First Aid with CPR, and Accreditation through Fitness Australia. They also have Punchfit Registration for boxing, and some have Metafit and Suspension Training qualifications.
Our PT studies include subjects covering anatomy, exercise physiology, kinesiology, range of motion, structural integrity, fitness screening and testing, training principles and techniques, understanding equipment, sport nutrition, sports injury, motivation, safety and injury prevention.

Registration with Fitness Australia also requires current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and regular updating of competencies by attending seminars and courses.

3. What are your fees?

We have a number of packages available, depending on whether you are doing our Semi Private PT, Our premium 1:1 PT sessions or Group PT sessions.  You can also do a mix of PT and Groups.

Our Personal Training sessions go for 30 minutes and are held at our fully air conditioned Studio at 51/22-30 Wallace Ave, Pt Cook.  While your session is for 30 minutes, you will be utilising our facilities for up to 45 minutes with your warm up and cool down process.

Payment is by weekly direct debit based on the amount of sessions you attend each week.  As you are dealing directly with the Fitness Director, changes can be made easily if your sessions change or you are going away. 

Pricing does not just cover turning up and training you for your session.  It also includes:

• FREE initial consultation, including goal setting, identifying your motivation style, base measurements and fitness testing.
• Personalised program written with your goals and limitations in mind.
• Varied programs each week.
• Regular fitness assessments, with updates
• Goal setting and continuous motivation
• Base measurements with graphical updates
• Nutritional consultation and guidance to meet your goals more quickly
• Access to a private VIP page with extra tips and motivation
• Discounts with our business affiliates and health care practitioners.
• .. plus
much more.

Full pricing is discussed on initial consultation. To book a FREE consultation with Carolyn from In 2 Life Fitness please click here.

4. I want to workout at home, but I don't have any equipment. Can I still achieve results?

Yes. While maximum results are achieved with quality cardio and resistance equipment, you are still able to achieve fantastic results using basic equipment and even your own body weight. Household items and equipment found in the park are also excellent tools for undertaking a range of exercises.
The most important tools you need to achieve changes in your body are setting a goal, motivation, hard work and commitment. When you do your homework on these, then the rest is easy.

5. How do I start training with In 2 Life Fitness?

After you call our Fitness Director, Carolyn to discuss your training options, a FREE pre-exercise consultation will be booked. This session will go through your goals, motivation, what you can expect from your trainer and your training, what we expect from you and completion of your client details form.

This session also includes a FREE short workout and booking your next FREE session where your base measures and initial fitness assessment are undertaken, which we use to see where you have started from, and will regularly update to see your improvements during your program!

6. What is my obligation once I start training?

You are required to turn up to your sessions on time and communicate with your trainer if you are going to be late or cannot attend a session. Please see the cancellation and late arrival policy guidelines listed below. Of course, you are also required to put in the effort to achieve your required results!

7. How do I pay for my sessions?

A direct debit form will be completed at your first session.  The weekly fee is based on the number of sessions you attend each week.  If you need to change the number of times you train, or are going on extended holidays, we can easily adjust your direct debit on the spot.  You are not dealing with a large organisation, but directly with Carolyn, so changes can be made easily.

8. What if I need to cancel a session?

If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, you must call your trainer to cancel. The session must be cancelled 12-24 hours in advance and we can then reschedule the time of the session where possible. If you do not call and miss your appointment, the session is forfeited.  

If the client decides to quit training with In 2 Life Fitness 2 weeks notice is required to finalise the direct debit.

9. What if I am late for a session?

The trainer is not obligated to make up time due to a client's lateness. If you are more than 20 minutes late, the session will be cancelled as there will not be enough time for the trainer to dedicate a worthy workout to you. Depending on the case the trainer may wait and train you for the remaining time, however this is at the trainer's discretion. In either case you will be charged fully for the session.  If you arrive late, the session must still finish on time to accommodate other clients arriving after you.

10. Have you achieved results with your clients in the past?

Yes, head over to our Happy Clients page and read what they have to say.
We have trained people who were total beginners to exercise with over 50kg to lose, through to extremely fit clients who wanted definition and toning. 

There has been many success stories along the way.  The key to achieving results is knowing what your goals are so that you have something to aim for, your dedication to training, being committed to your workouts and watching your nutrition. You will be guided on all of these by your Trainer.

11. How many days a week do I need to workout?

This is really an individual question and is based on your current condition, goals, schedule, budget and your trainer's availability.  It can be answered best after speaking with your trainer at your Pre Exercise consultation.  You may "need" to workout with a trainer four days a week, but only have the time or budget for two days a week. If this is the case, the trainer will work with you to give you ideas on what you can do yourself on the days between your sessions.  Of course, you need to be willing and able to undertake extra sessions on your own to reach your goals.

12. I do hundreds of sit-ups but still can't see my abs. How do I get a six-pack?

Believe it or not, your abs are there, we just need to get them out from the fat that is covering them!  Specific ab workouts will only partially help in the definition of these muscles. Losing the fat is done through diet and aerobic exercise and not by doing hundreds of sit ups.  Once the fat has burned away, you want to see a nicely developed six-pack -and to do this the ab muscles need to be developed by undertaking specific intense ab exercises regularly.