Clients Testimonials with In 2 Life Fitness

Before And After Photos from our 8 Week Body Transformations


I love having a group of like minded people in the 8 week challenge. Everyone is supportive and as a bonus you form friendships along the way The extra classes provided during the 8 week challenge, the shopping safari, cooking demos, advice with food diaries, email & text tips, Live chats to answer questions and give advice, provide everyone with the tools to make lifestyle changes. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to achieve short and long term goals whether it be for weight loss, improve fitness or overall well being Such a feel good time and it doesn't stop after the 8 weeks!
Karen W

I'd tried many gyms, trainers and home workouts yet I could never seem to stick to them so when my friend told me we should join and sign up for the 8 week challenge I was extremely nervous, as the thought of group classes scared me, especially being unfit and worried people would judge me. After one class you can see how friendly and welcoming everyone is - it's like one big happy family, you couldn't ask for a better environment to be in. The trainers are absolutely amazing, they constantly keep you motivated and give you the push you need to keep going, there's times you want to give up or think you can't do something and they will be there showing you that you can. I cannot thank them enough for helping me get fitter and continuing to push me to achieve my goals. I highly recommend anyone who is wanting to get fitter or to lose weight to come and join, it's the best thing I've done.
Chantel W
Encouraging, supportive, friendly and fun are the words that come to mind when I think of In 2 Life Fitness. I was terrified to start the 8 week challenge by myself, without knowing anyone else who attended the gym, but it was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. In 8 short weeks my fitness levels changed immensely. I was quite astounded with what I could actually achieve! It's an awesome team and the trainers go above and beyond to help.
Everyone has to start somewhere. Just don't be afraid to start!! You won't regret it!
Mel D
 Doing the 8 week challenge kicked my ass! But the amount of help and support I got was amazing. Im getting constant reminding as to why I've started my journey. My goal I need to reach isn't just my goal, I feel like the trainers work with you towards it. From different types of sessions a day to receiving motivational tips and meal plans I think is just the best. This is by far the best decision I have made to date bout doing something for myself and becoming a healthier me.
Maria T
  I first started training with Carolyn in Sept 2013 after I received a gift voucher for my birthday.  I had never done any exercise apart from walking.  I was very unhappy with my weight and body image.  I had a Bali holiday due in November so I knew I had to work hard.  I started attending group classes as well as 2 PT sessions a week.  By the time I went to Bali, I was a new person!  Not only had my shape changed, I actually had confidence in myself for the first time in 20 years. As a trainer, Carolyn listens to your needs and concerns, before pushing you to places that you never knew existed.  The strength I gained was unbelievable.

The group classes and the 8 week Body Transformations are amazing. The friendships and support that you get from other inspires you. I never thought I would enjoy exercise as much as I do. I think the laughter burns more calories that the exercise!  It is a very social group, and the participants always encourage each other.  I have watched In 2 Life Fitness grow in a very short time, and that's because of Carolyn and her team and the dedication they show to everyone. In 2 Life Fitness and Carolyn are truly special, and I recommend it to everyone!

Kerry J

  I am so glad that I found In 2 Life Fitness, it has helped me improve my health and has made me find a way to love exercising, something that I never thought I would say. The trainers are fantastic and you can still train even with an injury. Love the relaxed and friendly environment of In 2 Life Fitness.

Fiona C
  I used to think I couldn't do exercises as it would put me in too much back pain.  How wrong I was.  My back and fitness have improved so much since training with Carolyn.  She is very encouraging and sets me tasks that I can do but are also a challenge.  No 2 sessions are the same so I never get bored. I'm really loving my time here.

Janet B

  I have enjoyed training in a fun environment and seeing the results with trainers who guide me along the way.  In 8 weeks I lost 8.5kg and 23.5cm and improved in all fitness test results. I feel great and have so much more energy. I definitely recommend the 8 week challenge  - it's the best way to be motivated and the results speak for themselves.

Shanna S

In the time I have spent at In 2 Life Fitness doing 4:1 PT sessions, I have thoroughly enjoyed my workouts, and have also found the support and encouragement from both the Trainer and other members to be most valuable  - this has allowed me to start achieving my goals.

This is an awesome achievement for me!

Emma M


After having my baby I was very unhappy with my body. I had excessive weight gain low self esteem and no confidence. By participating in the 8 week challenge I was making a commitment to change my eating habits and focus on gaining strength and fitness and losing some of that extra weight.
By the end of the 8 weeks I was truly astounded by my results. I noticed a significant increase in my fitness and body strength and I got my self esteem back!
I loved being able to work out in a team environment where everyone is positive and being able to laugh whilst becoming drenched in sweat! The trainers are fantastic and without their support and encouragement wouldn't be feeling this great. This is just the beginning of my journey!

Megan I

Absolutely 110% the best place to train and get your mind set! All trainers are so supportive. The group classes are so much fun and the team are all so welcoming...

Chelsea C

I recently completed the 8 Week Body Transformation and am extremely happy with my results.I have lost 4.9kg, overall of 23.5cm and a definite improvement in my fitness level and well being.

Carolyn is definitely not your typical personal trainer. She continuously encourages and motivates you to do your personal best all in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I have really enjoyed the variety of the group sessions, no two are ever alike. Each session Carolyn adjusted exercises to suit my own fitness levels and kept an eye on my technique to not only make sure that I was doing it correctly but that I was getting the most out of each exercise.

Thank you Carolyn for all your support, encouragement and nutritional advice. I can honestly say that I really do enjoy the training sessions (I never thought I would admit to that). I look forward to the next 8 week challenge and continuing my ‘body transformation’ journey.

Dina D


I can't recommend Carolyn McMillan more highly.  Talk about motivating.  Last year I couldn't run 200m, but thanks to Carolyn, I can run 13km, I can do sit ups, pushups on my toes and found my new love, Boxing!  Carolyn is motivating, she will work you  hard, but best of all it's fun.  The like minded people who attend her classes are non judgmental, hugely supportive and all share the common goal of improving fitness and motivating themselves to reach their personal goals.  Join In 2 Life Fitness - you will never look back.

Caryn A