In 2 Life Fitness Services

• In 2 Life Fitness specialises in 1:1 Personal Training and Semi Private PT using workouts that include fun high intensity cardio to fast track the weight loss, mixed with strength training exercises to build muscle to increase your metabolism and burn calories for longer!
• We cater for all age groups, genders and fitness levels.
• If your goal is to lose weight, tone up, get fitter, feel stronger, feel more confident or just to love the way you look and feel, then In 2 Life Fitness can help you.

1:1 Personal Attention
Get the workout designed just for you! We don't use a library of standard workouts. Each program is written with you in mind, taking into account your fitness level, your limitations and what is required to achieve your goals. Even our Semi Private sessions, which accommodate 2-5 per session, are written to take into account each individual in the group. No sessions repeated or the same - we aim for variety and fun to achieve your result.s

Cardio Training

High intensity cardio training training not only increases your fitness, allowing you to do more at a higher level, but it also burns the calories fast, so you can lose the weight.  We believe in adding high intensity cardio to all our workouts.

Strength Training

Burn that fat faster and for longer by adding weight training into your programs to kick start your metabolism. Our fun circuit style workouts will ensure you not only get stronger but look and feel fantastic.

Boxing workouts are one of the ultimate ways to get real fitness.  It is hard, exhausting and you will work every single muscle in your body to the maximum which enables you to see some fantastic results in your fitness and body shape. Boxing is a fantastic cardio exercise to burn that fat while having some fun. We like to incorporate boxing into our PT sessions, not only to add some variety and fun, but to allow you to let off some steam and stress from your life!  All our Trainers are Punchfit Registered and offer a variety of programs to help you with your weight loss, or toning up those muscles.

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Can't do it alone? - Join our Group PT sessions at In 2 Life Fitness
A cost effective way to train.  All sessions are run by Qualified Personal Trainers so you get the PT experience in a larger group.  With a variety of times and class styles, there is something to suit everyone.  Boxing, Cardio, Strength, MetaPwr, Fit & Strong, HIIT, and more.
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